Scavenger, crow, raven, circuit board, adapt, adaptability, plumb bob, green, oil paint, oil, canvas, balance, environment, environmental awareness

My art has become an exploration of environment. The word environment is used to describe the set of circumstances in which a thing; be it a person, animal, plant, object, or any combination thereof, exists. It is the array of conditions in which these things function. The environment can be as big as the universe or as small as a single atom depending on the set of circumstances that are being described. It can be used to define physical, social, or even psychological space. It is any arena in which energies are exchanged, one entity consciously or unconsciously transferring energy to another and in turn changing the properties of that environment. As the environment evolves, each entity adapts traits to suit the new conditions or is rendered obsolete and loses its relevance.
It is our relationship with the other organisms inhabiting our environment that intrigues me and inspires my practice. The weight of the human presence on the planet has increased at an astronomical rate over the last three centuries. This has been exacerbated by the prevailing western thought that nature works against us and, as a result of this philosophy, we work against nature, creating artificial environments in which we can exist free from the unsavory encroachment of all things natural. Through sheer force of numbers and an overwhelming desire for artifice we have forced the planet, and everything on it, to adapt to us.
By composing seemingly incompatible elements – natural and unnatural - within the illusionistic framework of the painted canvas, relationships are established which lead to questions of exchange, effect, order, and the justice of the perceived transaction. It is up to the individual and their own experience-based perception to determine the answers.